Cookie-Cutter Brownies

This brownie recipe is a fun one to make with the kids or for holidays and parties. Why make square brownies when you can make them in the shape of a star, heart, or unicorn, right? Easy to make, the hardest part is figuring out what shape you want your brownies to be before you gobble them up!

Cookie-Cutter Brownie Recipe Prep:

2 Packs (16 oz) Shawnee Mills Rich Fudge Brownie Mix

Your Favorite Cookie Cutter Shapes

Your Favorite Icing Flavors




  1. Follow recipe of Shawnee Mills Rich Fudge Brownie Mix (for 2 packs).
  2. Once brownies are out of the oven and cooled, use cookie cutters to cut shapes out of brownies.
  3. Add your favorite icing flavors and sprinkles.