Hush Puppies

Yellow cornbread mix, a true classic prepared by using only a few ingredients, great when served with other featured fish recipes


2 pkg Shawnee Mills Mexican Cornbread mix

1 Large Egg

1 cup Buttermilk

4 tbsp Grated Onion

1/4 Tbs Cayenne Pepper (optional)


Heat oil to 360 degrees for frying

In a medium mixing bowl combine the egg, buttermilk and cayenne pepper using a whisk.  Add the cornbread mix and continue whisking until fully incorporated.  This mixture should be similar to thick pancake batter consistency.

You will need a minimum of1 ½ ” of oil when cooking these or a deep fryer works well.  Using two tablespoons scoop the batter into the hot oil in small batches turning and allowing them to cook for about 4-5 minutes.  Place on sheet tray with paper towels, Best when served fresh.

These are great with traditional hot sauce and served with fried trout or catfish